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The Secret Language of Money

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I recently began reading “The Secret Language of Money” by Dr. David Krueger, a former practitioner and teacher of psychiatry and psychoanalysis who is now CEO of MentorPath, an executive coaching practice. David’s book draws from his experiences in more than three decades of practice and an expanding field of research. He has a gift with words and crafts powerful one liners, which artfully encapsulate the message and powerfully drive it home. Here are some of my favorites so far …

“If money were about math, none of us would be carrying any debt.”

“Money is a magnifier. Like adversity, it reveals and exaggerates character. … But it doesn’t simply magnify who we are; it also amplifies who we hope to be, fear we might have become, or regret that we may never be. It gives form to our fantasies and shape to our compulsions. We don’t simply earn, save, and spend money: we woo it, flirt with it, crave it and scorn it, punish and reward ourselves with it.”

“It is not wealth and possessions or even the chase after these that creates problems in our lives; it is when we lose ourselves in the chase. And when do we lose ourselves? When we imbue money with meaning it doesn’t really have, and then keep that meaning a secret even from ourselves – thus holding ourselves hostage to our own money story without even realizing we were the ones who made it up in the first place.”

… and this covers only the Introduction to the book! Stay tuned as I continue to share gems discovered in “The Secret Language of Money.”

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