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Sunny With a High of 75

Posted by on March 15, 2010 in Musings | 1 comment

There’s a song by Relient K called High of 75. It’s been a favorite of mine ever since it came out a few years ago. I was reminded of this song today as I stepped outside and felt invigorated by the beautiful blue-sky, spring-like weather day.

I like High of 75 for at least two reasons (in addition to its cheerful beat).

1) is because Spring is my absolute favorite season. For me, you just can’t beat blue skies and warm weather. 65-85 is my favorite temperature range. So this song is about my kind of day.

2) is because it speaks to the importance of hope. The chorus starts out “And now I’m sunny with a high of 75 since You took my heavy heart and made it light.”

Hope is priceless. It keeps us pressing on despite present circumstances.

There was a study of hope that involved rats. In the first part, a rat was placed in a tank of water, and the researchers measured how long he would paddle (i.e., how long before he gave up. And yes, the little guy was plucked out at that point.) In the second part, the procedure was the same except that the paddling rat could now witness one of his rat buddies getting rescued from the water in which he was paddling.

The researchers found that the rats in the second scenario paddled for a significantly longer period of time. Why, you ask? Because seeing his buddy rat getting rescued gave the little guy hope that the situation wasn’t doomed – that if he persisted, he, too, could be rescued.

Hope is priceless.

So I ask, who are your wet rats??? Who helps encourage you? Who feeds your hope?

No man is an island. We are wired for community.

If you’re in a stuck place, I encourage you to reach out for help. Reconnect with friends. Let them know what’s really going on. Put down the “Everything’s fine” mask.

If you need professional help, get it. But don’t let that substitute for the development of authentic friendships.

I once heard a pastor say that friendships are like bridges – different ones can sustain different levels of weight. It’s great to have “5-ton friendships,” but we need “10-ton” and “20-ton” friendships, too, as life can get heavy at times.

You could get hurt. It’s true. But it’s worth the risk. Who knows, you could connect with another wet rat, who could help feed your hope.

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For the Love of a Sauna

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I’ll share with you a little known fact – most of my blog entries are written in a sauna.  Yep! My husband says I’m “baking like a potato,” and I love it. It’s one of my “happy places.”

One reason is because I know it’s good for me. My tolerance for the heat has built up over time, so I no longer watch the timer. I simply relax while my body uses one of its natural mechanisms (sweating) to get rid of toxins.

(For some tips on how to get rid of mental “toxins,” see the previous blog series “Taking Out the Mental Trash.”)

Another reason I love a sauna is because it’s one of the few times during the week when I’m totally by myself in a serene environment.  As someone inclined toward introversion, I need this time to recharge. The dim, relatively quiet environment offers few distractions.

Over time, my mind has learned that this is what I do. A good workout clears my mind and slows my thoughts. Then I hop into the sauna to “bake like a potato” and write. It’s a time I look forward to.

What about you? What are your happy places? Where do you go  – on a regular basis – to recharge?

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