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The value of relationship

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I got a fresh reminder today of the value of relationship. An early morning email informed me that the amazing woman who has taught me horseback riding lessons for the past 5 months is leaving the barn where I ride.

It hit me hard. Tears kept stinging my eyes. As I write this, again they sting.

Riding horses has been a long-coming but only recently developed hobby. Liz has been there since day 1.

From the ground, to the saddle, to the arena, to the pasture, she has taught me so much. Answered soooo many questions! She was there every week. Even in the rain and cold.

She taught me to ride western – walk, trot, and canter. She’s been teaching me to ride English – walk, jog, trot, lots of posting, and two-points. I’ve been eager to canter again and look forward to jumping, but I have never asked “when?” Instead, I simply follow her lead, knowing she’s preparing me and will let me know when I’m ready. She challenges me, but she also ensures I am safe.

She’s passionate, skilled, dedicated, determined, patient, gives just the right amount of positive reinforcement, and knows how to make hard work fun. I am truly going to miss her. She will still be around. I know we’ll stay in touch. But this season is coming to a close.

Today’s experience has given me a fresh reminder of the value of relationship and of the honor of being a counselor and legacy consultant. It is a sacred privilege to be invited, by individuals, couples, and families, into the intimate details of their life. To teach them, challenge them, and help them be safe. Secure relationships give us a platform from which to stretch, heal, and grow. To past, present, and future clients, I say “thank you” for extending this privilege to me.

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